Check out our New Patient Specials & Promotions!

New Patient Special Offer

Check out our New Patient Specials & Promotions!

New Patient Special Offer

Check out our New Patient Specials & Promotions!

New Patient Special Offer

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The dentist house relocated and merged forces with the amazing team at Mesilla Valley family dentistry. A bigger facility with advanced technology and highly rated dentists in Las Cruces.

Trusting a team to take care of your family’s dental needs isn’t an easy task. As you search for a family dentist you want someone who will care for your needs like they would their own. Dr. Borham and the rest of our amazing team at Mesilla Valley Family Dentistry are committed to treating patients like family. We cater to a diverse range of patients, including those who aren’t the biggest fans of going to the dentist. We strive to create a welcoming atmosphere. So whether you’re here for a cleaning, teeth whitening, or implants you can rest assured your needs will be met and you’ll feel at ease. Friendly, gentle care that makes even the most nervous patient relaxed, is what you’ll find at our office. Dr. Borham is an experienced dentist who along with his team seeks to create a safe environment where patients can get the best dental care possible. Located in Las Cruces, we’re conveniently situated and easy to get to. Our mission is to make dental care easily accessible to our community. That’s why we take a variety of insurances and offer a two visit new patient special that is affordable for those who might not have insurance. Learn more about how you can schedule your appointment online, discover our services, and find out answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

Sedation Dentistry Las Cruces

Oral Conscious Sedation

For many people the thought of going to the dentist makes them shudder – enough so that they avoid visiting the dentist for years at a time. This is detrimental to their health and leads to the need for more invasive dental care in the long run.

Our team at Mesilla Valley Family Dentistry is committed to helping patients overcome their fear of the dentist and begin enjoying a healthier mouth. Oral conscious sedation is one of the most common ways we help to calm patients during their visit. Our office offers Sedation Dentistry in Las Cruces to help you stay relaxed and comfortable during a dental procedure. We offer both Nitrous Oxide Sedation and Oral Conscious sedation.

What is oral conscious sedation?

Conscious sedation is a form of sedation that eliminates anxiety without completely knocking you out. When a person is consciously sedated they might slur their words and not remember the procedure but aren’t totally out like they would be under general anesthesia.

Oral conscious sedation requires the patient to take a pill. Because these medications sedate you, it’s important that you have someone to drive you to and from your visit.

Am I a candidate for conscious sedation?

Before determining if you’re a candidate for conscious sedation you’ll need to meet with Dr. Borham. However, typical patients that are candidates usually have a bad gag reflex, have a low threshold for pain, have a hard time sitting still in the dental chair, or need an extensive amount of dental work done.

Even if you don’t fit into the above categories, you might be a candidate for conscious sedation. At Mesilla Valley Family Dentistry we recognize that every patient and situation is different. What works for one might not work for the other. That’s why we strive to get to know each of our patients. This helps us to provide the best care possible.

Is conscious sedation safe?

Conscious sedation is incredibly safe and a great option for patients who have extreme anxiety when it comes to the dentist. It’s important that you meet with the dentist so that they can determine which medication is the best for you.