CERECⓇ Same-Day Crowns in Las Cruces, NM

A complete, flawless smile can increase your confidence and oral health. Even just one missing or damaged tooth can affect your smile and make it harder for you to carry out daily functions. Luckily, our experienced team at Mesilla Valley Family Dentistry can help restore your smile.

If you want to replace missing teeth quickly, then you may benefit from a CEREC same-day crown. This restoration will be made to look and feel just like your natural teeth, providing you with a new smile in just one day. The best thing Discover what makes this treatment so efficient.

Our CEREC Technology

Do you want to achieve a beautiful smile as quickly as possible? Dr. Borham uses our CEREC technology to create a new crown for you in hours. This advanced machine uses 3D images to get an exact measurement of your teeth so it can replicate the ones that need to be replaced as close as possible.

After Dr. Borham takes digital images of your teeth, he’ll use CEREC, Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, along with a CAD/CAM computer to take impressions of your teeth. Then, the device fills the impression with a stunning porcelain material to create a crown that’ll restore or replace your damaged tooth.

Placing Your Crown in One Day

Once your crown is made, Dr. Borham will prepare your tooth before he places it. Before doing this, he’ll provide you with an anesthetic to make sure you don’t feel any discomfort during the procedure. He’ll either clean and polish or extract the tooth if necessary.

If your crown is being used to improve an existing tooth, the tooth is reshaped to fit inside the restoration. Then, the crown will be placed and secured using a special dental material to ensure it stays firmly in place.

Am I a Candidate for a Same-day Crown?

At Mesilla Valley Family Dentistry, our mission is to help you achieve the smile of your dreams. CEREC same-day crowns can be used for multiple reasons and will improve the appearance and function of your smile.

This restoration may be right for you if you’re looking to:

  • Strengthen a tooth after a root canal
  • Correct discoloration
  • Cover a chipped or cracked tooth
  • Replace a missing tooth

Frequently Asked Questions

Are CEREC crowns good for molars?

CEREC crowns are just as strong as other types of crowns, lasting at least 10 to 15 years with proper care. You won’t have to treat them like they’re special, so you can eat the foods you love. CEREC can also be placed in only one appointment, so you won’t have to wait to restore your smile.

One of the main advantages of CEREC is its natural-looking appearance. While this isn’t crucial for your crown, especially in the back of your mouth, it can still be nice to have a natural appearance when you open your mouth.

Can a CEREC crown be repaired?

Generally, when your crown breaks you’ll need a new one. Luckily, a replacement crown can quickly be created using CEREC technology. You won’t have to wait with a broken and possibly uncomfortable restoration sitting in your mouth.

If your crown breaks, call our office at (575) 523-5589 so we can help you. We’ll schedule an appointment for you to fix your crown as soon as possible. Once you’re at your appointment, you won’t have to wait long.

How does CEREC work?

CEREC technology uses 3D scanning technology to create a fully accurate image of your teeth and mouth. This scan can capture all the details that a traditional impression might miss. This means your crown will be much more comfortable and fit in your mouth better.

The 3D scans your dentist takes will be transferred to the CEREC machine, where your new crown will be created. This doesn’t take very long, and you’ll be able to leave our office with a fully restored, natural-looking tooth.

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Are you ready to have a smile you can show off? CEREC same-day crowns are created and placed in a day so you don’t have to be self-conscious of your incomplete smile. Contact us at (575) 523-5589 or fill out our contact form below to learn more about this restoration.