Smiling is the foundation of joy. A genuine smile brightens your eyes, tightens your cheeks, and radiates across your face. When it comes to self-confidence, communication, and relationships, your smile is one of the most significant factors. Why? We catch up on nonverbal communication intuitively as humans. In reality, nonverbal communication accounts for 60 to 90 percent of your daily interactions with people.

Smiling has been found to release endorphins, enhance immunity, and improve the mood of others around you. Most importantly, having a healthy smile boosts your self-esteem. Do you raise your hand to cover your teeth when you feel these muscles moving? Or are you attempting to disguise your teeth by controlling your cheek muscles? If that’s the case, you are missing out on the benefits of smiling, which is why Dr. Borham recommends seeing a dentist to get a confident grin.

Learn with Dr. Borham how a healthy smile can help you feel more confident and how Mesilla Valley Family Dentistry can help you have a great smile:

  1. The first thing people notice about you is your smile:

When you can grin with sincerity, it creates the idea that you are trustworthy, enjoyable to be around, and friendly! Having good teeth allows you to highlight your best feature which is your personality.

  1. Meaningful Conversations Follow Fresh Breath:

Relationships are strengthened when people communicate effectively. Fresh breath allows conversations to endure longer, whether at work, play, or at home. A healthy dental routine, as well as frequent dental cleanings and examinations, are the first steps toward fresh breath.

  1. Your handshake’s best friend is a smile:

Have you practiced your professional handshake to make a strong first impression in interviews and at work? Did you also practice greeting people with a smile? You transmit the message that you are fearless, confident, and upbeat when you pair a confident handshake with a self-assured smile.

  1. 4. Having healthy teeth shows that you care about yourself and have confidence

The bright smile around you says that you care about yourself and have confidence. This indicates to others that you understand that you are worthy of attention.

  1. Make a big smile for the camera!

It is nearly difficult to avoid being photographed, and you should not try. With a bright smile, you may find yourself planning more memorable vacations and adventures, as well as capturing more photos. You will be delighted to show your photos to your children, grandchildren, and friends.

So, is your smile promoting positive connections, communication, and self-assurance? Do not allow your smile to get the best of you. You have earned the right to take advantage of whatever life has to offer with self-assurance and pride. Mesilla Valley Family Dentistry can assist you in developing a healthy dental regimen and repairing any damage that may be preventing you from smiling freely.

Make an appointment with us today for self-confidence and a smile you will be proud to flaunt! Simply contact us at the Mesilla Valley Family Dentistry.